My Best of 2015

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So, that year happened.

I published a piece in January that I had spent more than two years researching, reporting, and writing. I then left my full-time job in February and freelanced for the rest of the year. Over that time, I was fortunate enough to write for Rolling Stone, Wired, Atlas Obscura, Slate, Uproxx, Sports on Earth, The New Republic, Tom’s Guide, the Los Angeles Times op-ed page, Esquire, and Sporting News. I wrote essays for both the Baseball Prospectus and Hardball Times 2016 annuals. I appeared a few times on NPR’s “Only a Game” and did a few more radio hits and podcasts.

It was a challenging year but 2015 was probably my most productive yet ever, which is great! And I think 2016 will be even better?!? This is my hope and suspicion. We’ll see.

Anyway, here’s a selection of my best pieces from this past year. Read ’em if you want. I sure enjoyed writing them for you.

– Motley Crew: The incredible story of the Dirty Dozen Rowing Club (Fox Sports, January)

– The Guy Behind CBS’s Ubiquitous NCAA Theme Music Explains Its Immortality (Slate, April)

– The Future of Binge TV Belongs to America’s Oldest Sport (The New Republic, April)

– Golden Comeback for the Ages (Sports on Earth, April)

– Steph Curry, the People’s Champion, Will Not Be Stopped (Rolling Stone, May)

– Angry Deer or Satanic Goat? The Milwaukee Bucks Get a Makeover (Rolling Stone, May)

– All Hail Golden State, Kingslayers From the West (Rolling Stone, June)

– WTF MLB? Baseball Strikes Out With Its Streaming Policies (Rolling Stone, June)

– The Curse of the Bambino’s Statue (Atlas Obscura, June)

– The Savant of Spray Charts: Meet the New Star of Baseball Analytics (Rolling Stone, July)

– ‘Space Jam’ Forever: The Website That Wouldn’t Die (Rolling Stone, August)

– The Football of Tomorrow Will Be Connected—And Undeflatable (Wired, October)

– The Funky Little Football Phone That Sold a Million Magazines (Rolling Stone, October)

– The Outer Limits: What Happens When The Giants And Saints Can’t Stop Scoring? (Uproxx, November)

– Wild Stallions: How a Team From Baltimore Rocked Canadian Football (Rolling Stone, November)

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